LET'S FACE IT.  Life can be full of irritations.  Shaving should not be one of them!  Attend an invitation-only "Shave Clinic" and we will help you get rid of one of the most annoying and embarrassing irritations of all: SHAVING!!

We hold Shave Clinics in major cities around the country to help consumers learn to SHAVE WITHOUT IRRITATION! Our clinics are informative AND fun! We offer separate clinics for men and women with instruction tailored to meet your individual shaving needs:


Shave Clinics for Men - Learn how to get a close shave with "baby smooth" results without the irritation.  We will teach you the proper shaving technique for your face and neck.  You will learn how to select the right razor for shaving your face, neck, or head.  Learn secrets that professional barbers use to get that baby smooth skin! Invite a friend or family member to join you.  It will be a unique experience for everyone!   


Shave Clinics for Women - Learn how to get amazingly smooth legs without the awful irritation! We will teach you proper shaving techniques so that your legs, bikini area, and under arms look AND feel great! You will be amazed by the results you see AND feel! Say goodbye to painful and embarrassing razor bumps and ingrown hair. Invite your family and friends. They will thank you for the unique and informative experience!

Please provide us with a few details to be notified when a SHAVE CLINIC is offered near your preferred city.

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