The following testimonials were sent to Greg Ward, the Founder and Chief Shaving Officer of SHAVEWISE™.  We are very thankful for the kind words expressed by men and women who now enjoy shaving!


Shavewise has made an amazing improvement on the look and feel of my skin (see before & after pictures below)! Thank you for the correct shaving instructions and the right product for my skin type.  

William / Business Development

 BEFORE                                  AFTER



I have to admit, in my many years of shaving, I was doing it all wrong. It was never about the experience, now it is with your products and 3 step process. Each time I shave, and go through your process, I am impressed with how great of shave I get every time. I will be referring you to my friends and business colleagues.   

Jeff / Senior Sales Executive


It's important in my profession to have a good appearance in front of clients. After using the Shavewise products and process my clients started asking me what was I doing to keep my face so smooth and youthful. I must say that for the first time in 20 years of shaving I look forward to shaving in the morning.
Ed / Security Consultant,


Having used many other shaving systems I never found one that really worked well for me. I'd end up with irritated skin or an uneven shave. After spending far too much money on expensive premium blades I was looking for a new option. Then I got introduced to Shavewise. After having used it for several months now I can see a noticeable improvement in the health of my facial skin. The entire system makes shaving, once a chore, more of a pleasure. The best part is probably the preshave scrub, but the aftershave balm is also cleansing and refreshing. I'd recommend Shavewise to any guy who wants a quality product at an affordable price to make their mornings better.   

Garet / Pastor


I have used the shave system several times.  I love it! I love how it wakes up my face and the closeness of the shave. I love how the invigorating effect lingers. This shaving system is amazing, Greg.  What a great job you have done. Thank you for the privilege to enjoy it!    

Mark / Lead Pastor


The scent is soothing and fresh/ not strong at all which makes it good to not clash with someone’s personal fragrance/ cool, clean, minty scent.

    • Step 1: easy to use, feels great on the skin/ no one likes to shave when you are cold and this helped calm my skin and did not get razor burn.
    • Step 2: for a woman covering a lot more skin on her legs, I felt like I used a lot of the product…maybe just so used to cream in the can/calming to the skin and feels great/ left my skin feeling very smooth and not dry/ wanted to use it as a lotion!
    • Step 3: wow! Kind of an invigorating feeling! Great way to finish the experience!

Your ‘how to shave properly’ tips helped a lot too! Funny…no one ever really tells you how to do it!  

Maria / Regional Sales Manager


Thank you so much for the sample you gave me, the product actually works (no irritations). I actually threw out all my other products!  I am using the 3 products but alternating between my razors and yours.  But the products are great especially the face scrub and the after save.

Hasimew / Customer Service Manager