We continually evaluate razors and cartridge systems to identify those that are the best solution for men with sensitive skin.  Several razor brands claim to be "for sensitive skin" but fail to deliver.  
We have selected the Schick ST2 FitStyle for Men* and Schick ST2 Sensitive for Men** as our top picks for use with the SHAVEWISE™ Kit.  We believe these razors have the best combination of features to deliver an outstanding shave without irritation.



  • Twin Blades - minimizes the risk of cutting hair too close which is a leading cause of ingrown hair
  • Excellent Cutting Angle - removes hair easily without having to use excessive pressure, a major cause of razor burn 
  • Outstanding Lubricating Strip - adds moisture to decrease friction between the blade and skin
  • Non-Pivoting Head - cuts hair that grows parrallel to the skin with fewer strokes and less irritation
  • Slim Head - highly maneuverable for shaving the entire face as well as around mustache and beard edges.
  • Light-Weight Handle - non-slip and light-weight design is comfortable to hold in any position without fatigue.

* The Schick ST2 FitStyle for Men lubricating strip contains Vitamin E (improve skin tone), Lanolin (skin/hair softener), and Aloe (anti-inflammation)

** The Schick ST2 Sensitive for Men lubricating strip contains Vitamin E (improves skin tone)