The Do’s and Don’ts
of Shaving

Men with sensitive skin face a unique set of challenges when shaving.
We’ll show you the right way to shave and the right products to use,
so your skin will look and feel great.

Step #1

Prepare for Takeoff

Get prepped for a shave that delivers a whole new level of smoothness, without the irritation or razor bumps.


Step #2

Shave Smarter

Experience the comfort of a shave where the blade gently glides across your face, leaving a baby soft feel.


Step #3

The Afterglow

Soothe and protect your skin after shaving and enjoy a cool and refreshing feel while looking neat all day long.


Step #4

A Clear-headed Solution

Rock a cool and clean head by giving your dome a perfect shave. After all, bald is beautiful.