With so many shaving do's and don'ts, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions about shaving or the SHAVEWISE™ system to help you find the answers you are looking for.  Browse below and read our frequently asked questions and discover the joys of shaving!
Why is the razor refered to as a "double edge safety razor"?

The double edge (DE) safety razor is a glorious shaving device patented by King C. Gillette in 1904. His razor invention made shaving at home easier for men and "safer" than the "cut throat" straight razor used by professional barbers. The "double edge" refers to the blades that are used in the razor. When loaded properly, the blade sits inside the head of the razor and the two blade edges are exposed on the two sides of the razor - creating a "double edge" for shaving.

Does the safety razor work the same way as a disposable cartridge razor? How should I hold it?

Sort of but not exactly. The head of the typical disposable razor contains the cutting blade(s). Most razor heads "pivot" or move where the razor head is attached to the razor handle. The pivoting action is intended to keep the blade(s) on your skin as the razor head moves over rounded surface areas. The safety does not pivot. THANK GOD! YOU are the pivot. The benefit of a stationary razor head is that it gives you more control. You will learn how to change the razor angle as needed for your unique shaving profile. The angle of the hair growing from your skin will differ from the angle the hair grows from your father's skin or the guy sitting next to you at work!

In general, you should hold the razor's handle so the blade cuts the hair at an angle that is between 30 to 45 degrees. Each area of your face may require a different angle, stroke, and level of pressure. So experiment by holding the razor at different angles to see what works best for you. That's part of the fun of learning how to use an "old school" razor! Be patient. Give yourself a week or two to get the hang of YOUR right way. And once you master it, there's no going back to the mini disposable lawnmowers! Watch "How To Use A Safety Razor" at Shavewise.com to learn more.

How often should I change the blade in my double edge safety razor?

The average guy should change the blade every 3 to 5 shaves depending on how much hair you have on your beard. It ultimately depends on "the density" of the hair you are shaving. Density refers to the number of half strands that exist in a square inch of skin. If you have lots of hair on your face ("caveman") then expect about 3 to 4 good shaves with each blade. If you have a very light beard ("Fu Manchu"), then expect 5 to 7 good shaves with each blade. If you shave your head as well as your face, then expect the blade life to be cut in half.

Why did SHAVEWISE™ select a double edge safety razor for the shave kit for men?

We included the double edge safety razor because it can provide one of the best shaves on the planet! Using a high-quality razor and blade with proper shaving technique will provide a smooth and close shave. Our goal is to provide razors and blades that are manufactured to high-quality standards and are durable over time.

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