isn’t just my story,
it’s the story
of millions of men.

Hi, I’m Greg Ward, Founder and President of ShaveWise.Like a lot of people with course, curly hair, as a young man when I started to shave, I got razor bumps and burns, irritated skinand ingrown hair on my face. This not only affected me physically, it affected me emotionally. More than anything I just wanted to fit in. But the razor burns and bumps on my face made me feel self-conscious.I didn’t feel confident socially and shied away from meeting people and dating. Professionally, I was reluctant to stand out and try to get a promotion.Because I was embarrassed, I didn’t share my problem with anyone except for doctors, who misdiagnosed me and gave me prescriptions that just made matters worse.

We’re going to change the way you shave, and your life.

As time passed, I learned I wasn’t alone. Literally millions of men were in the same situation as I. It was then that I took it upon myself to find a solution for me and every man around the world who has sensitive skin. I learned to shave the right way and what ingredients was critical to allowing men with sensitive skin to have a smooth shave without any irritation.

The result was the ShaveWise Shaving System for men with sensitive skin. More than just creams or lotions, ShaveWise products were developed specifically for men with sensitive skin using proven ingredients. Your ShaveWise Shaving Kit contains everything you need to enjoy a great shave, and to look your best. It’s a process that addresses every aspect of shaving – from preparation to shaving to aftershave. I won’t only change the way you shave, it’ll change your life.

Enjoy the shave!

Greg Ward, MBA

Founder, ShaveWise