Congratulations and welcome to the SHAVEWISE™ revolution! Yes, it’s a revolution. Millions of men are taking their faces back from companies that just don’t get it! These men have decided to put the control of their shaving experience in their own hands! If you want a great shave that won’t rip your wallet and face off with ten zillion blades, then you are part of the SHAVEWISE™ revolution.

If you have tried to shave with all the expensive nonsense and wonder to yourself afterward, “what the he## is happening to my face?” then welcome to the SHAVEWISE™ revolution. Shaving irritation is not only painful but let's face it, it’s not a good look either! Millions of men are frustrated by the physical and emotional suffering caused by (1) using the latest high-tech shaving weaponry that is like putting a mini lawn mower on your face and (2) not knowing how to shave because no one ever taught them properly! So, let’s say it together: shaving is really ####ed up!

So, if you are tired of the expensive razors, razor bumps, ingrown hair, razor burn, dark spots, and the embarrassment, then welcome to the SHAVEWISE™ revolution. My personal revolution started a few years ago when I was inspired to create the SHAVEWISE™ Shaving Kit for Men while reading Genesis in the Bible (learn more about my story at or read the side panel of the SHAVEWISE™ Shave Kit for Men).

If you want to rid yourself of shaving irritation then you must become a SHAVEWISE™ man. You need to shave with the right tools and the right products. You have to learn to shave the right way. If you are going to shave without irritation then your job is to become a SHAVEWISE™ man. My job is to show you the way. You have completed the most important step by purchasing or receiving the SHAVEWISE™ Shave Kit for Men. If you are new to “wet shaving” or have never used a double edge (DE) safety razor before, then you are in for a real treat! And the best part is you will avoid the irritation that most men experience by learning to shave the SHAVEWISE™ way.

Your SHAVEWISE™ Shave Kit for Men has everything you need to enjoy a great shave. Yes, I said enjoy your shave. I know its hard to believe now but, trust me, you will soon discover the JOY of shaving properly. In fact, we frequently hear from men who say they look forward to shaving each day because of the SHAVEWISE™ products AND our detailed shaving tutorials (hear some of their stories at So, welcome to the revolution!

Shaving with joy,

Greg Ward, MBA
Founder, Barber, & Chief Shaving Officer SHAVEWISE™