About Shavewise

Shavewise™ is a Houston-based start-up geared toward consumers who suffer from shaving sensitive skin. The company’s shaving system uses patent-pending Nano-Soothe Technology™ to eliminate shaving irritation, including swelling, itching, redness, ingrown hair, razor bumps, and dark spots associated with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB).


Shavewise also combined the disciplines of barbering and dermatology to launch an innovative PFB treatment service, the Shavewise Shave Clinic™. The company is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and was founded by Greg Ward, a Harvard trained MBA and licensed barber with extensive expertise in treating PFB.

Founder, Greg Ward

Hi! I'm Greg. I suffered for over two decades with PFB! My condition was so unbearable at times that I found it difficult to sleep on the sides of my face! I sought medical help from several dermatologists over a 20 year period. I ultimately discovered that their solutions either did not work or required life-long use of antibiotics and steroids. I even suffered second-degree burns from laser treatments while under the care of a dermatologist who was known as an expert in treating PFB. In a state of frustration (mostly desperation) I decided to use my product development, operations, and marketing experience to develop a PFB solution that would provide people like me with relief from shaving irritation.

Creating a shaving system that controls PFB & feels amazing too!

I educated myself on all the known causes and solutions for treating PFB. After several years of extensive research and consulting with some of the best chemists, biochemists, dermatologists and barbers, I discovered that PFB really isn't a barbering issue or a dermatological issue. It's both!  I learned through extensive testing that the "secret" for treating PFB was to combine the "wisdom" of traditional barbering AND dermatology.


Our goal was to create a breakthrough system that could be easily used at home. We tested our products in state-of-the-art labs and one of the largest barber colleges in the U.S. Our tests demonstrated that the new system worked quickly to relieve the inflammation caused by PFB. We also focused on making the entire shaving process feel and smell amazing. SHAVEWISE™ was born!


P.S. Although our first SHAVEWISE™ Kit was developed for men, we will have a kit designed for women really soon! If you are interested in being notified when the kit for women is available then sign-up for the Shavewise Newsletter!

~Greg Ward, Founder & Chief Shaving Officer

Money Back Guarantee

We are thrilled to offer the SHAVEWISE™ Kit as the best non-medical solution for PFB. It is the world's most advanced wet shaving system developed exclusively for those with PFB. The patent-pending shave system will make you LOVE SHAVING! It's hard to believe but that's what our customers tell us and that's exactly what we wanted to create. You no longer have to tolerate the painful PFB irritation that results from using traditional shaving products. And you never have to be embarrassed again by the unsightly bumps, redness, and dark spots.  


Go ahead and order the SHAVEWISE™ Kit for yourself or someone who suffers from shaving irritation. If you are not amazed by how great it works, feels, and smells we will refund your money!

Shavewise Shave Clinic™

The Holistic Approach - Recognizing that consumers prone to PFB must use specialized shaving products and techniques, the company combined the disciplines of barbering and dermatology to launch the Shavewise Shave Clinic™ in Houston late 2013 and looks to expand the service concept to other key markets. The clinic offers comprehensive, therapeutic PFB treatment based on an individual’s anatomical beard growth patterns. 


Clinic services include personalized beard analysis, ingrown hair and razor bump hair removal, 1-on-1 shave clinics showing proper shaving technique and professional barber shaves.  “A person’s unique hair growth pattern, improper shaving technique and the wrong type of products and razors can be very damaging and irritating for any skin type, but especially for those with PFB,” notes Anthony Nikko, M.D., board certified dermatologist and medical director at Houston’s Shavewise Shave Clinic. “By applying pathology to known practical applications, we’re able to provide patients with real results.”